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Towing Prices

If you are using AAA, please call 800-222-4357. We cannot create a call for you, it must be done directly through AAA

  1. $65.00 Interstate $85.00
    Loading the vehicle on the tilt bed and securing it. Prices may be higher depending on the position of the vehicle and the location. Accidents are a $200.00 minimum Additional time or Personnel per hour $55.00 Clean up $25.00 and up
    Load and Secure
  2. $4.50
    Per loaded mile
  3. $75.00 and up
    Extrication of vehicle off of the roadway.

You will be asked to sign a release from liability. Kress AutoCenter will not be responsible for any damage that occured from the position of the vehicle or existing damage.
Spare tires installed on vehicles are for emergency use only. Your permanent wheel should be serviced by a tire professional and re-installed on your vehicle immediately.